Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues Hamburg Defense Lawyer

Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues

If you are experiencing workplace sexual harassment issues, you may be feeling unsafe and threatened. It can make your work environment unmanageable and leave you wondering what you can do so solve this.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues: What Constitutes as Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues  Hamburg Defense Lawyer Under current laws, co-worker sexual harassment is treated differently than sexual harassment by one’s boss. A boss is in a position to hire or fire you. A boss also has the power to change your job duties, title, and wages, and other job-related factors. Sexual harassment by a boss often binds the employer, just as if the employer himself were doing it. If the offending party is a co-worker, the case is treated a little bit differently.

If harassment is currently happening in the workplace, I often say to people, “Either you need to leave there because you could be negatively affected by it mentally, or you need to complain about it to someone.” Perhaps your complaint should come through a lawyer. You might come see someone like me, and I would send a note or letter to the employer on your behalf, saying, “I’m representing Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith is subject to illegal sexual innuendo and inappropriate sexual conduct in the workplace.”

Most employers have a sexual, racial, or general harassment policy, and it is important that you comply with that policy because the employer has the right to claim a defense and say, “We didn’t know Sally was being mistreated down in shipping because Sally didn’t bring it to our attention.” If the issue hasn’t been brought to the attention of the employer, that employer often gets off the hook, even though you’ve been subjected to negative racial, religious, or sexual harassment.

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Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues: Receiving Unwanted Sexual Advances at Work

Unfortunately, we receive many calls from women who are being sexually harassed at work. Sometimes, I have conversations with people who are being sexually harassed in their workplace at that moment, and they’re wondering what to do about it. Harassment is absolutely unacceptable conduct. It’s very frustrating and sad that this goes on at the workplace, but it does. It is absolutely against the law to harass an employee sexually. If that happens to you, you have a claim against your employer and that manager, supervisor, or co-worker who’s sexually harassing you.

Sexual harassment can be physical – taking the form of unwanted touching at work – but it does not have to be physical. Instead, someone might be making inappropriate comments, giving you looks that make you feel uncomfortable, or just creating an overall work environment that’s sexualized, uncomfortable, offensive, and wrong. If you feel that you’re being sexually harassed at work, you probably are. You should reach out to an attorney right away so that we can stop that unlawful behavior.

If you are being subjected to workplace sexual harassment issues, please contact our Hamburg office to receive a free confidential case evaluation.

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