Will My Truck Accident Case Go To Trial?

Are you wondering “will my truck accident case go to trial?” Find out if your case can be settled out of court, or go to trial. Watch this video.


Will my truck accident case got to trial?


Commercial truck injury cases go to trial usually when there’s a dispute about what happened during the accident. Many times, the value of a case can be resolved between the attorneys if there’s a clear indication of how the accident happened. If both sides are pointing fingers at each other and there are other defendants involved, those are the kind of cases that end up in a courtroom and go to trial because there’s no clear indication of who did something wrong.Of course, there could be disputes over the value of an injury, and sometimes you get insurance companies that are locked in and say, “No, we only think this case is worth x number of dollars,” and we think it’s worth much more than that. Those are the cases that are going to see the inside of a courtroom.

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