Terminating Employees Without Severance Pay

Can you terminate an employee without providing a severance agreement in New York?

In the following educational legal video, experienced Hamburg employment attorney Lisa A. Poch discusses the pros and cons of terminating employees without severance pay and whether it is a good practice in New York State.

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In addition to representing a lot of employees, I also represent many employers. They want to know whether they have to provide a severance package when they cut ties with an employee, and the answer is no. That is not necessary at all, and many employers offer no severance benefits.

Sometimes, we suggest that a severance policy or package makes sense, just to ensure that the ties cut with certain employees are neater and cleaner. By offering an employee a week or two of severance – or a week for every year of service – the employer gains certain protections. In order to get that money on their way out the door, departing employees waive all sorts of claims they could potentially have against the employer. In many scenarios, it makes strategic sense for an employer to give those benefits as a way of protecting themselves from exposure to lawsuits down the road.

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