Sexual Abuse Cases

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How is a sexual abuse case handled?


With any sex abuse case, whether it be a priest, coach, teacher, or boy scout leader, they’re handled a lot the same. Our first goal is to try to corroborate our client’s story. In other words, we get versions of events from our clients, and we want to find evidence to support their claim. Sexual Abuse Cases We might do what’s called a Freedom of Information law request, if it relates to a school district or something like that, or a police department, to find evidence to support the fact that this person that may have perpetrated these acts on our client has a history of it. We want to know that because, in some of these cases, we have to prove that the boy scout troop or the school had knowledge that this person was a bad apple and was capable of doing these things. The more evidence we can collect regarding that, no matter what type of case it is, the stronger the case becomes.

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