Severance Agreements

Why Should You Consult with an Attorney Before Signing Severance Agreements?

In the following educational legal video, experienced Hamburg employment lawyer Andrew P. Fleming discusses why it’s important to consult with an attorney before signing severance agreements.

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One fairly prevalent topic in our practice over the last 8 or 10 to 12 years involves reviewing employees’ severance agreements. Many employers – and this is a good management and leadership tool for employers – present employees with severance agreements, allotting them a specified amount of prospective future pay in exchange for signing a release. Before signing such an agreement, however, an employee should have an attorney review it, or at least speak with an attorney about its terms.

Most severance agreements include language that directs the employee to speak with an attorney. I see that all the time now, because employers were getting nicked, so to speak, by not permitting people to have severance agreements reviewed by lawyers before signing them. If you are presented with a severance agreement, it’s important that you go over it with a lawyer because, in almost in every case, by signing that agreement, you’re signing away all of the rights that you would otherwise have against that employer. Whether it’s a long, detailed severance agreement or a short one that just includes a general release, by signing it, you’re waiving any and all potential claims you might have against that employer.

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