Reluctant to Bring a Claim Forward

Are you reluctant to bring a claim forward for sexual abuse? Watch this video to learn how our compassionate lawyers can help you through this difficult time


I’m nervous about bringing a claim. What should I do?


Reluctant to Bring a Claim Forward Some people are reluctant to come forward after they’ve been a victim of sex abuse because they have never told anybody before. I’ve spoken with people who were victimized 40 years ago and never told a soul until they came into our law office. I tell them that, by them coming forward, they’re going to help bring out other victims. It’s been our experience that these predators don’t just focus on one person; there’s usually many others out there. When we do our investigation of your claim, we often find other victims. We’ve had some of our cases in the media recently. We get phone calls from other victims after they’ve read it in the newspaper or they see it on TV, so you’re not alone.

Were you or a loved one sexually abused as a child in New York but are reluctant to bring a claim forward?
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