Protecting Your Identity

Our Buffalo sexual abuse attorneys place a high importance on protecting your identity during these types of cases. Watch this video to learn more.


Will my identity be protected?


Protecting Your Identity If you have a sex abuse case and you’re worried about people knowing who you are, there are ways through the law that we can file it under a pseudonym to protect your identity. All we have to do is file a petition with the court, and this permission is usually granted, especially in cases like this that are so personal to people, and we can get it so we can file the claim under a John or Jane Doe and protect your identity throughout the litigation. If during the course of the litigation you want to change your mind, and you want it to be made public for whatever reason, we can do that also. Just rest assured that we can protect your identity.

Were you or a loved one sexually abused as a child in New York and have questions about protecting your identity?
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