Kayaking Injury

Are you suffering from a kayaking injury from one of Buffalo’s waterways? Call an experienced boat injury attorney for a free consultation.


Do I have a claim if I was injured on a kayak?


If you’re kayaking on a waterway, you can also get compensation for injuries. There are many times that other boats on the waterway don’t see kayakers, or they’re going too fast and they’re careless, and they hit a kayak. If they do, it could be a catastrophic injury because of the nature of the big boat versus the little kayak and things of that nature.It’s really important to get your investigation started early to determine whether or not somebody did do something wrong, and try to get responsibility away from the kayaker. Of course they’re going to try to blame it on the kayaker being in the wrong place or something like that, so it’s important to get witness statements. There could be five or six witnesses on a boat. You want to make sure you get witness statements from all of those people to make sure that you got the full picture, and to make sure that we’re putting the right responsibility on the offending boat and get it away from you.

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