Insurance Companies and Truck Accidents

Learn about truck accident insurance companies and why you shouldn’t talk to the insurance company without first consulting with a personal injury attorney.


Should I speak to the insurance company after a truck accident?


We discourage our clients from talking to the trucking company lawyer or the insurance company for the trucking company because, you have to understand something, they don’t really care about you. They may act like they do, but they don’t. Your best interest is only going to be looked after by your lawyer, not them. They want to make sure that they pay the least amount of money possible on claims. They’re not out to make sure that you’re fairly compensated, so don’t ever think that.Insurance Companies and Truck Accidentsany times, you get involved in conversations with them, and they start asking you a lot of different questions. You may become confused. You end up saying something that may not be correct. You’re locked into that because, many times, these conversations are recorded. Your best practice is when you get contacted by the company or their insurance company, is to say, “I have a lawyer. Let me talk to him, and then maybe we can have a discussion jointly down the road.”

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