I Suspect My Child Was Sexually Abused

If you suspect your child was sexually abused, your first call should be a doctor. Make sure your child gets the physical and mental attention they need.


What should I do if I suspect my child was sexually abused?


If your child has been the victim of sex abuse, your first call shouldn’t be to a lawyer; your first call should be to a doctor to make sure that your child gets the physical and mental health attention that he or she needs, I Suspect My Child Was Sexually Abused because these are traumatic events for a child. You also have to remember that it’s not just filing a claim against that person or the organization. There are criminal aspects of that, because there are changes in the Child Victims Act that gives people the opportunity to file criminal charges up until the point they turn age 28. You have to also explore those options about going to the police. We urge all of our clients that have been victims, if they’re still within that age range to file criminal charges, that they do so.

Do you suspect that your child was sexually abused and have questions about what should be done next?
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