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You might have heard this bit from the comedian Drew Carey: “Oh, you hate your job?” he asks a character complaining about work. “Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called everybody, and they meet at the bar.” Often misattributed to George Carlin, it’s a popular line for coworkers to lob playfully back and forth when one starts complaining about the work they do. It’s funny because it cuts to the heart of the American ambivalence about working. We might complain – we might say we’d prefer to be loafing and idling – but all the evidence shows clearly that Americans love labor. Our great poet Walt Whitman wrote verses praising every type of manual labor. A few generations later, the folk singer Woody Guthrie did the same. Our politicians talk about “the right to work.” They try to align themselves with the “working class,” talk about “hard work” as a bedrock American value, sometimes excoriate citizens they claim “don’t want” to work, and promise to increase employment. And most of us know that while we savor our time off, we have a strain of restlessness in us, that moves us to build, create, connect, generate, fix, and plan in any spare time we might have. In America, work isn’t just about money and comfort – it’s about pride and identity.

Hamburg Labor and Employment LawyersUnfortunately, employment can be a source of conflict, pitting employers and employees against each other. Sometimes this is clearly one party’s fault – where management’s unethical practices or an employee’s deception or greed drive both to litigate their differences and seek justice in the courts. In other cases, the conflict is a byproduct of laws and regulations improperly understood or executed.

At Chiacchia & Fleming LLP, our Hamburg labor and employment lawyers represent all parties involved in labor and employment disputes. We’ve handled labor-management contract negotiations, sexual harassment claims, retirement and other benefits cases, and discrimination. We’ve helped clients pursue fair and equitable compensation, protect their rights, punish workplace bullies, clear their reputations, keep businesses afloat, and attain the satisfaction of seeing justice done. We’re here to protect your right to work and compensation for that work – whether you’re an employee, an owner, a labor leader, or an executive.

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Download Our Free Employment Law Guide