Filing Workplace Harassment Charges

Filing Workplace Harassment Charges | Hamburg Employment Lawyers

What’s Important To Know About Filing Workplace Harassment Charges

When it comes to the issue of harassment in a workplace – people will call me or come in to see me, and say, “Well, the handbook says I’m supposed to complain to my employer over harassment.” It’s very important to remember that the employer gets the benefit of the doubt if you don’t. On the other hand, employees are, quite naturally, concerned about retaliation if they do complain to their employers. It can be a kind of double-edged sword to bring to the attention of the employer the fact that your boss is sexually harassing you – or treating you differently because of race, religion, or other issues.

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Even so, you have to make them aware, or the employer gets the benefit of the doubt. If they don’t know about harassment, you can’t hold them accountable for it. If you bring it to their attention and they don’t do anything about it – and they’re under an obligation, whenever an allegation of harassment is brought to their attention, to conduct a timely investigation and take appropriate corrective action – you have a legitimate grievance. If harassment has occurred, the employer is obligated to take certain actions in the event they receive a complaint of harassment in the workplace.

If you are considering filing workplace harassment charges against your employer, you need an experienced Hamburg employment lawyer in your corner. There are legal protections for victims of harassment and actions victims can take, with the help of an attorney, to pursue justice, compensation, and security. Contact Chiacchia & Fleming for dedicated representation.

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