Complaints from the EEOC

Steps to Take After Receiving a Complaint from the EEOC

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In the following educational legal video, one of our experienced employment attorneys in Hamburg, Lisa A. Poch discusses the steps to take after receiving complains from the EEOC.

Sometimes, an employer client calls me after having been contacted by or received complaints from the EEOC. Typically, they’ve received a letter indicating that a current or former employee has filed what’s called a charging document, charging that employer with some violation of a federal statute. Usually, it’s Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act, but it could be the Americans with Disabilities Act. An employee is alleging that a federal statute has been violated, and they have gone to the EEOC and filed a charge.

As an employer, you definitely don’t want to ignore any such charge that you may receive. It is important to respond in a timely and thoughtful manner whenever you’re dealing with the EEOC. Also, you do not want to respond to the EEOC without consulting an attorney because the attorney you reach out to will have all sorts of information about the minutiae of the employee’s claim that they’re going to want to target in their response. You wouldn’t want to unknowingly say something in your response that could hurt you down the road – either before the EEOC or at trial.

The experienced employment attorneys in Hamburg at Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP have extensive experience in aggressively representing the rights of employers in all kinds of workplace disputes including complaints from the EEOC. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let our experience work for you.

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