Boating Accident Claim

If you were injured on a waterway, a boating accident claim is difficult to navigate.? Watch this video. Then call for a free consultation.


When should I file a claim for a boating accident?


A boating accident report should be filed as soon as possible with the responsible agency. Sometimes on smaller lakes they’re patrolled by sheriffs and you want to report it to the sheriff’s department right away. The sheriff’s department for Lake Erie does a lot of the investigation, so you want to make sure that they’re put on notice, and you should file your accident report as soon as possible.Boating Accident Claim
You have an obligation as a boater to make sure that it’s filed properly and that people are put on notice of the accident. Those reports serve a purpose down the road in identifying owners of boats, and things of that nature, if there are claims in the future.

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