Being Disciplined for Misconduct

Employee Rights While Being Disciplined for Misconduct

In the following educational legal video, Lisa A. Poch, one of our experienced Hamburg employment lawyers discusses an employees’ rights when being disciplined for misconduct.

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Sometimes clients – or potential clients – will call and ask, “If I’m being disciplined for misconduct, what are my rights?” The fact is that you don’t have many rights in that situation. If you are an employee-at-will, your employer can fire you, suspend you, reprimand you, or write you up for misconduct. The situation gets a little trickier if you and another employee are doing the same thing, but only one of you is getting written up – and you happen to be pregnant while that other employee isn’t. It’s also questionable if you happen to be a member of a recognized protected class – such as a racial minority, elderly, or disabled – and the other employee isn’t. If you’re being treated disparately, even though you and another employee are doing the same thing, you might want to call an attorney to make sure your rights under state or federal law aren’t being violated.

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